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About us

In 2019, DAMOME INC. was established. And founded the Damome brand. It represents father and mother and me. Form a harmonious and happy family. Husbands love their wives, and wives love their children. Children love their parents.
Our brand officially changed its name to Damome in 2019.
Around 2015. Our brand is TASLON. Authorize a Chinese company to help us produce down pillows / duvets / duvet covers / towels and other household products. We completed the acquisition of this Chinese company in 2018. Unfortunately, something happened. When we submitted this Taslon brand in the United States. The office did not pass our TASLON brand. So we changed our brand. It is now the Damome brand.
We have a 1,000 square meter factory in China. We provide quilts and pillows for hotels in many countries. So we are professional. Dear.
Now, through these three years of development, we are gradually getting closer to consumers. Make the product more affordable.
Reduce transportation costs and reduce the profits of middlemen. So you see that the current price is relatively low.
Currently we only sell our products through the Amazon platform and our own official website. Amazon store seller name DAMOME. Or you can buy it directly on our official website. We are not authorized to other sellers. If you can buy our products in other places. It may be a fake and inferior product.
Please remember the source of our products.
If you want to buy more products, remember to send me a message. We provide you with wholesale prices.
Thank you for your support


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